Chapin Farms

Soil Inoculant

Healthy soil is necessary for successful crop production, thriving gardens, and nice green lawns.  Soil structure can become damaged from over grazing and too much cultivation.  One of the most important aspects of soil care is to improve the soil structure.  You need to look at why your soil is damaged and work with nature to restore it to a healthy state.  Healthy soil should not require chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  The microbes living in healthy soil help to replenish its nutrients allowing increased crop production and healthier lawn and gardens through better water utilization and plant nutrition.  Diversity is the key™.

Chapin Farms believes rebuilding your soil should be a top priority.   We have the right mix for healthy soil rebuilding.  Put natures soil experts to work for you with our diverse microbial solutions soil inoculant.

See our soil inoculant website for more information.
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