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Aerated Compost Tea Machines

Make your own aerated compost tea using one of our "T" machines.  Our "T" machines have a unique air injection system which ensures complete circulation throughout the "T" tank without foaming or plugging. The microbes/enzymes we are growing are not forced through a harsh water pump during the brew cycle, resulting in maximum organism production. Applying maximum beneficial microbes/enzymes and fungi to your soil will help your soil health recover faster. Cleanliness is very important in the aerated compost tea process. We have made the "T" machines as efficient as possible which aids in its ease of cleaning. Cannot decide what size? Generally 5 gallons per acre is a minimum with as high as 20 gallons per acre on the first application of the season. A typical brew/spray schedule would be to start brew at 11:00 AM, continue brewing, feed at 4:00 PM, start applying at 7:00 AM, wash the tank and start the new brew at 11:00 AM. This schedule maximizes the operation of the "T" machine allowing 24 hour a day operation.

The Mini

THE MINI TEXAS "T" MACHINE is ideal for small yards and gardens. Makes 4 gallons of aerated compost tea. After a 20 hour brew time your aerated compost tea is ready to spray right out of the brewing bucket, we recommend using a trombone sprayer. No filtering necessary. - $79.95 plus shipping

THE LITTLE TEXAS "T" MACHINE is well suited for the suburban yard. Makes 15 gallons of aerated compost tea, ready to spray, no filtering necessary. - $695.00 plus shipping

THE BIG TEXAS "T" MACHINE works well for small farms and ranches. Makes 50 gallons of aerated compost tea, ready to spray. Comes with a rotary pump, to transfer your aerated compost tea to your spray tank. - $1195.00 plus shipping

THE GIANT TEXAS "T" MACHINE is for larger acreage. Makes 500 gallons of aerated compost tea. (trailer optional) - $2495.00 plus shipping
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